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June 14 2016


Massage treatment: Do you know the Benefits?


A couple weeks ago, I fell and hurt my back. I must say i thought I'd be fine, however a couple days later I had been still in quiet some pain. I decided to visit the chiropractor who fixed me up and then recommended a masseuse for therapeutic massage. - day spa austin

That same day I had my first massage. Not merely made it happen feel nice, nevertheless it allowed me to chill the muscles within my back and actually feel somewhat normal. The therapist wanted me in the future in certain times a week until my back did start to feel much better.

I really enjoyed my therapeutic massage sessions. I knew after a while my back was healing, however with massage, it appeared to be healing quickly. I also remarked that I was sleeping better and feeling better overall with all the massages.

Despite my back was back to normal, I chose to continue having regular massages. I did not go as often, however knew it's still beneficial. My muscles and joints felt greater, I used to be in a position to sleep superior to I had in years, plus I felt healthier since having my massage treatment. - day spa austin 

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